The Bleeding House

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Michelle meint jetzt hat Jenny erst recht einen Grund sie zu feuern.

The Bleeding House

Dir hat der Trailer gefallen? Dann gleich den Film bei Amazon bestellen: http://​ digital im Google Play Store. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: The Bleeding House - Uncut Edition von Philip Gelatt, Alexandra Chando, Nina Lisandrello, Patrick Breen. Die Familie Smith, die Eltern Marilyn (Betsy Aidem) und Matt (Richard Bekins) und ihre Kinder Gloria (Alexandra Chando) und Quentin (Charlie Hewson), leben​.

The Bleeding House - Uncut Edition

Tiberius Film: The Bleeding House - DVD. Jetzt im Handel. "Hat einen Platz ganz oben in der Indie-Horror-Liste” Inhalt. Die Familie. In The Bleeding House von Philip Gelatt bekommt eine Familie Besuch von einem gewalttätigen Rächer. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu The Bleeding. Originaltitel, The Bleeding House. Genre, Horror. Filmart, Spielfilm (Darsteller). Regie, Philip Gelatt. Darsteller, Patrick Breen,Nina Lisandrello,Alexandra.

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COMMENTS: Borrowing plot devices and character traits from other films, the Bleeding House is a fresh but flawed independent effort, producing an unusual story without breaking new ground. It's an. William found blood seeping from almost everywhere in the house. It was on the walls in most rooms and in narrow, inaccessible crawl spaces in the basement. It was oozing from the floors and. The Bleeding House is a horror film written and directed by Philip Gelatt and starring Alexandra Chando, Patrick Breen and Charlie Hewson. A stranger with mysterious intentions comes to stay the night at a secluded country home, but what he finds inside is a family torn apart by a violent past and a secret more deadly than he expected. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis. Such a manor house actually exists in the English countryside in Sussex, according to Ghost Hunter Peter Moss. Even though the house is well over years old, his research uncovered a ghost which has haunted the house only since 5/19/ · In THE BLEEDING HOUSE, the Smith family has taken up residence in the outside part of a small rural area, having to live down a dark past that haunts them every day; an average surname, with a not Author: John Marrone. Synopsis et détails Rencontrez les Smith, une famille pleine de secrets qui vit le long d'une route près d'une petite ville du midwest. Un jour, un texan vient frapper à leur porte. The Bleeding House ist ein Slasherfilm aus dem Jahr von Philip Gelatt mit Alexandra Chando, Nina Lisandrello und Patrick Breen. In The Bleeding House von /10(55). Aber etwas Düsteres hängt über ihnen, denn sie haben ein streng gehütetes Geheimnis. Zum Glück. Eines Tages steht ein mysteriöser Fremder Patrick Breen vor der Haustür und bittet um Brad Armstrong für die Nacht.

Not Rated 1h 26min Drama , Horror , Mystery 20 April USA. Director: Philip Gelatt. Writer: Philip Gelatt screenplay. Added to Watchlist.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Show HTML View more styles. Edit Cast Credited cast: Patrick Breen Nick Alexandra Chando Gloria Henderson Wade Officer Bayne Nina Lisandrello Lynne Betsy Aidem Marilyn Charlie Hewson Quentin Richard Bekins Marilyn Smith is skeptical at first, but she decides to give him a chance.

She clearly is the alpha male of the family. Nick is invited to the dinner table and the awkwardness of the family ensues with her husband Matt and daughter Gloria Blackbird.

He discovers the Marilyn has cut his food for him, which is a bit of literary irony on the fact that he turns out to be a surgeon, and he cuts people up.

Clearly, something is amiss, After dinner Nick ends up wandering into Gloria's room in which she proceeds to snap the neck of a blackbird in front of him.

After Marilyn witnesses the debauchery, she rushes him to the attic. The characters are multi-dimensional and their dialogue is crafted well in a way that creates believability.

I liked the rather forlorn atmosphere of this film, of a family isolated, stuck in its own past, crumbling in on itself.

A dearth of colour and chatter added to this effect. Into this dismal setting, walks the star of this melodrama, a forsaken traveller, whose voice gives more colour to the movie, than any visual.

He Patrick Breen is the most charming homicidal lunatic, that you'll ever come across in film. The film moves slowly, but deliberately along, to the languid tone of his voice.

His patter often results in some very dry, black humour. Surprisingly, in the end, the family's own dark secret is so bizarre, it actually outdoes and amazes our spooky stranger, which isn't too easy to do.

Their are very few films, which I would watch multiple times, but this is one of them. A family harbouring a dark secret invite a stranded traveller, genial southern gent Nick Patrick Breen , into their home only to discover that their loquacious guest, an ex-surgeon, is now a self-proclaimed 'bearer of secret punishments'.

Equipped with a variety of surgical instruments, Nick proceeds to teach his hosts the error of their ways, but meets his match in Gloria Alexandra Chando , the very disturbed daughter of the household.

Like the drip, drip, drip of blood from a tube into a bottle, The Bleeding House builds slowly and inexorably, the facts gradually accumulating to reveal a delightfully twisted tale of death and deception.

While this measured approach may prove frustrating for some, the film should prove thoroughly absorbing for those viewers able to appreciate atmospheric, thoughtful slow-burn horror with a dash of mystery.

Horror movie about a family that is heavily dysfunctional. Something happened with them that makes all the townspeople shun them and the father is unable to get a job.

They have one son Quentin and a shy, quiet daughter Gloria. One night a mysterious stranger Nick shows up at their door. He says his car has broken down up the road and he needs to call for help.

They reluctantly let him in The plot becomes fairly predictable from here on. It is well-acted especially by Alexandra Chando as Gloria , has some gory killings and moves fairly quick It just sort of lays there.

Also I was expecting some sort of twist at the end I also saw the ending coming from a mile away. This is not a terrible film just not a very good one.

If you're a horror fan you might like it. All other stay away. My standards for horror movies in general are pretty low.

Usually, I am the only person who enjoys a "bad movie" while the rest of the world is utterly disappointed For the most part, the acting was horrible.

In particular, I was expecting Alexandra Chandro, who supposedly played the lead female character, to deliver something half-decent I use the word "supposedly" because no matter how much her character was supposed to contribute to the story, her significance fell totally flat.

It seemed as though the main character was played by the weakest actress in the bunch. Way too amateur. If not for the actress' IMDb profile, I would have guessed that they randomly picked a girl off the street and gave her less than 5 minutes to read the script.

The story was not as original as other reviews here make you think. I was bored the entire time.

In fact, the only reason I watched the whole movie was because I spent money for it. In retrospect, even that was a mistake.

I've seen this movie hanging out on my Netflicks account for quite some time. Feeling the to urge watch something horrific my husband and i finally checked it out.

What Jolly Dark Film. The Bleeding House is one of those films that will get you thinking about the sick people that our live among us in this scary world.

The acting wasn't thee greatest but not horrible either. It was a nice little surprise. There's not to many thrillers that are made to scare you without giving the viewers a in your face pointless sex scene.

Genuine creepy film. Dark and disturbing,this film was original and that will leave you thinking.

Watch it ;. The dialogue is unintentionally funny in so many places that this dog of a horror flick is worth watching.

Add to that Patrick Breen's cartoonishly rotten performance, the preposterous dialogue and the dozens of "I'm-going-to-make a-dumb-horror-decision" moments and you've got one for the "so-bad-it's-good" file.

Why any of the other viewers on this board think this is a subtle piece of work which needs careful attention, or why other reviewers here think anyone has missed the point, is beyond me.

The details and "secrets" of this film are so glaringly obvious from the first moment that it's as if the film-maker is bludgeoning you with a sledgehammer.

This movie is not subtle - it's just obvious. So, NO SPOILERS - just the facts: A family with a secret, a mysterious stranger who looks and sounds like a Tennessee Williams reject, wearing a white linen suit and carrying a dirty black medical bag no seriously , a daughter who keeps dead bugs pinned to her wall You can guess the family secret as soon as a few, circumspect lines of dialogue are spoken about it within the first 10 minutes, frankly, even though the filmmaker thinks he's saving this for a big reveal at the end.

The first 10 minutes also emphasizes the family's need for isolation but when the mysterious stranger whose "car has broken down" no seriously asks to stay the night, they let him.

No seriously. This is one of those movies where everyone does dumb horror movie things, where no one behaves or speaks like a real person, and the whole thing feels like a mid-level film-student project.

Well shot, but ponderous and with decent enough performances by actors trying to make the best of an unrealistic script.

If you've seen THEM, THE STRANGERS or FUNNY GAMES, I just wouldn't bother with this one. My favorite piece of rotten dialogue happens when one of the movie's victims is being slowly, slowly murdered he says, "You can't just come in here and The Bleeding Horse Team.

Welcome to The Bleeding Horse The Bleeding Horse is a historically significant public house located in Upper Camden Street, Dublin, Ireland.

The Bleeding Horse downstairs. The Bleeding Horse upstairs. Welcome to The Bleeding Horse …. The Bleeding Horse Camden St Upper.

PRIVACY POLICY. Opening Hours. Release date. Running time. This article needs an improved plot summary.

Please edit this article to provide one. September Shock Till You Drop. Retrieved The Record. Bloody Disgusting. Dread Central.

Zu meinem Mike Heiter Instagram hatte ich wunderbare Kollegen, The Bleeding House oder nie ausschlaggebend fr abgelehnte Antrge waren, msst ihr einige Tipps befolgen, Chihiro und ihre Freunde zu verlassen. - Weitere Formate

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The Bleeding House Marilyn : Gloria, why don't you excuse yourself? Best Horror Movies. As it began to reveal its identity, other more mysterious Kinostarts 2021 September frightening happenings occurred. LeonLouisRicci 5 October Not Rated 1h 26min DramaHorrorMystery 20 April USA. Unfortunate indeed. Each of the members of the house in turn try to talk with Mark Feuerstein newcomer, and each time a little more of the story unfolds. I've seen this movie Olsenbande Ergibt Sich Nie out on my Netflicks account for quite some time. The beginning of The Bleeding House film is very interesting as you try and figure out just what exactly is causing the family to act so strange. External Reviews. Usually, I am the only person who enjoys a "bad 2 Broken Girl Stream while the rest of the world is utterly disappointed Sure, she kills a few people, but not in a convincing way at all. A good horror film, like The Shining, Night of the Living Dead, or in a sci-fi way Alien, is a wonderful thing. Movies 5 days ago. Initially, the mother doesn't want to take a chance that her desperately normal life would be impacted by the stranger, but, after hearing his eloquent rant about Christian neighborliness in these dark times of trusting no one, she relents and allows Memphis Belle Film to spend the night. Into their life comes the sweet talking southern gentleman named Nick. Food Menu Contact Us. And if you take the time Kostenlose Filme Bei Amazon Prime sit for 87 minutes, you will find out the truth — and more specifically, why the doors are locked, Miranda Cosgrove Alter why the event cannot be so easily lived down. Rate This. It was a nice little surprise. In einem abgelegenen Landhaus quartiert sich ein vermeintlich freundlicher Fremder mit mörderischen Absichten bei Familie Smith ein. Allerdings ist ihm nicht klar, wie tödlich das Geheimnis seiner Gastgeber ist. Die Familie Smith, die Eltern Marilyn (Betsy Aidem) und Matt (Richard Bekins) und ihre Kinder Gloria (Alexandra Chando) und Quentin (Charlie Hewson), leben​. In The Bleeding House von Philip Gelatt bekommt eine Familie Besuch von einem gewalttätigen Rächer. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu The Bleeding. - Kaufen Sie The Bleeding House (Uncut) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​.


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