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Ein Plot ist, dass die Verarbeitung der Sie betreffenden personenbezogenen Daten gegen die DSGVO verstt, wir htten gelebt.

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View PDF. Research Feed. In these tests, web security test, good-bad queries, detection of detection rates by firewall, accuracy rates, statistical rates and control of web firewall are performed by artificial intelligencebased software developed for operation and successful weakness test output is provided.

The study evaluates the results of the model developed for cyber security support with artificial intelligence support to cyber attacks.

Media as an actor of political communication; it plays an important role in the process of acquiring information, disseminating information, and creating or changing public opinion.

One of the political communication techniques that are effective in this process is political advertising. Political advertisements consist of stunning messages prepared by professional advertisers to be broadcast in the media to increase the odds of parties and candidates.

Purpose of political advertising is to wide attitudes and behaviors to change the voter preferences in the desired direction. In this context; political parties or candidates are effectively using the media to reach broad masses, especially during election periods.

Thanks to the technological advances that nowadays, internet media new media is included in this process. In this study; the electorate's view of political advertising has been examined and the effect of mass media on the formation of political preferences has been investigated.

In this context; it is aimed to determine whether political voters' political preferences and behavior are influenced by political advertisements or not.

This survey was conducted using the face-to-face survey method from the quantitative research methods participated by people.

In the study; This data is important for both political parties and fpolitical candidates in terms of the effective use of mass media and political advertising in the process of communication.

Composition of Debts is a type of restructuring agreement between the debtors and the creditors of the debtor. After abolition of suspension of bankruptcy institution composition of debts practice that have already existed in law however practiced rarely was brought into force.

In this connection, some alterations regarding execution of composition of debts were made and with the latest alterations made, some changes regarding application procedure and required documents came into effect.

Lastly, on With this alteration of law, the content of the documents required during financial protection procedure was broadened.

However, content of independent firms that could give justified assurance reports was narrowed. While serious costs regarding financial protection application are being confronted, requirement of this report would obviously put into stress firms that are of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises status that would make an application for financial protection as they are already facing economic problems.

Application for financial protection is obviously a costly procedure. Moreover, with considerable increase in number of applications for financial protection, this has become a sector.

Extensive works has to be made for the firms that want to enter financial protection process. Many difficulties are faced in this process and problems occur often.

Following the last arrangement put into effect, independent firms authorized by Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority do not want to prepare justified assurance reports.

Most auditing firms refuse applications and others demand astronomical fees. This is due to the increase of the responsibilities of independent firms that prepare justified assurance reports after the amendment made in law.

In our study, problems confronted after the recent arrangements regarding financial protection applications and our solution proposals will be discussed.

Sibel Cengiz -Dr. Therefore employment is called "glue that holds our society together". Unemployment is defined as the inability to have an ability to work from an individual point of view, but with a desire to earn income.

Social unemployment; non-use of productive resources means wasting. Long-term unemployment is characterized by more than one year of unemployment.

Although unemployment is an important problem, long-term unemployment is seen as an even more serious problem because it leads to poverty and social exclusion, self-confidence and loss of self-confidence.

In this study; the reasons and disadvantages of long-term unemployment will be emphasized, and the measures to be taken for the prevention of long-term unemployment and the effects of these measures will be emphasized.

Contribution of the Auditing to the Actuarial Balance of the Social Security Institution AbstractIn this study, the importance of the actuarial balance and roles of auditing in this process against risks, conditions and changing need of the social security system in Turkey have been discussed.

In accordance with this purpose, social security, auditing, actuerial, actuerial balance concepts have been defined and the relationships among them have been presented.

Social security, auditing in social security, historical and development process of the actuerial and the differences between logics of the actuerial balance and the classical insurance on the topic have been stressed.

Statistics obtained from records of the Social Security Institution will be interpreted for possible effects. Keywords: Key Words: Social Security, Actuerial, Auditing.

Sanayi 4. Stress, unhappiness, sadness, fear, worry etc. The changes in the living conditions after the changes with the industrial revolution revealed the efforts of people to keep up with these changes.

In this context, it is not possible to try to adapt the changes as a whole and this change in the process of adaptation brings with it stress.

Human is an asset working and producing and trying to maintain his life in this cycle. Therefore, people spend a significant part of their lives in workplaces and face the most stress in these environments.

Stresses in working environments cause, to decrease in performance of employees, health disorders, decrease efficiency, resignations etc. The negative effects of stress on human make it difficult to cope with stress.

In this context, stress and stress management are important concepts that business managers should be interested in. Today, in the economy, physical environment, technology, etc.

The tourism industry has a feature that is affected by the events quickly due to its structure and this conditions causes the employees who live within it to experience the negative effects of stress.

Accommodation businesses need a lot of people because there is more labor force and they are a business area where stress is very intense.

In this context, accommodation businesses managements should take the necessary measures to minimize stress on employees. Correct management of stress will positively affect the physiological and psychological health, efficiency and loyalty of employees.

In line with this information, the main purpose of this study is to examine how stress is managed in case of any problems in accommodation businesses, and how stress and stress management have an impact on the efficiency of tourism personnel.

In addition, the reasons causing to stress on the employees in accommodation businesses, the importance of stress management in terms of individual and organizational point of view constitute the other purposes of this study.

We use a nationally representative micro-level dataset and a difference-in-differences approach to estimate the causal effect of these programs.

We find that although these incentive programs are relatively costly, they help to decrease discrimination faced by adult women especially in the low skilled blue-collar jobs.

These programs result a 1. Keywords Macroeconomic Determinants of Nonperforming Loans: An Application for the Mongolia Banking Sector AbstractIn this study, the effects of central bank real policy interest rate, inflation, money supply, real exchange rate and gold prices on nonperforming loans in Mongolia during the period spanning 01 09 are investigated.

Since nonperforming loans data is not normally distributed and inherits outliers, QR method were found to be more robust compared to OLS.

An increase in the real interest rate and gold prices also increase the nonperforming loans. However, an increase in the money supply and the real exchange rate diminishes the nonperforming loans.

The results indicate that these are not same with the OLS results and change between quantiles. The slope Wald equality statistics indicates nonhomogenous beta coefficients among quantiles, and symmetry Wald statistics indicates an asymmetry among beta coefficients.

Terrorism is not a static phenomenon, but a continuum of supply supply and a single concept of terrorism cannot do.

Terrorism historically dates back to Adam and has historically been modernized and acquired internationally. Multi-dimensionality was gained after the September 11 attack.

At the beginning of this study, we will consider the phenomenon of nuclear terrorism as a new type of terrorism. Nuclear terror is at risk of sabotage, assault, smuggling and getting dirty bombs for today's nuclear facilities, providing radioactive wireless products.

It will examine the structure of terrorism and how a terrorist perception is made and analyze a new perception of terrorism.

KeywordsPharmaceutical companies, which are one of the most important parts of health service, should establish qualified sales staff in order to compete with many competitors.

In the medical representative's profession, which requires regular communication with people, communication of the person should be very strong and should bear many qualities.

It is very important for companies to decide which qualifications are more important and decisive in choosing personnel to represent the company and to decide according to the severity of criteria.

The aim of this study is to determine the multiple criteria decision making methods using Analytical Hierarchy Process AHP to determine the importance of the criteria that are effective in the selection and to make recommendations to the companies that will employ medical representatives.

Data were collected from the decision makers using the questionnaire prepared according to AHP method. After the evaluation by AHP method, the benchmark weight values of each decision maker were reached and the final weights of the criteria were obtained by taking the geometric mean of these values.

After the evaluation of the data by AHP method, the benchmark weight values of each decision-maker have been reached and the final weights of the criteria have been reached by taking the geometric mean of these values.

Thus, the final criterion of the criteria used in the selection of the medical representative was made for the weights, and the pharmaceutical companies where the application was made were informed.

The most basic transport and logistics sector misuse of the concept of relevant sectors and stakeholders in Turkey and investigate whether it receives resident status in society, their use in this study; sector enterprises, sectoral associations and associations, public institutions as well as university and academic publications were examined.

The official web sites of the related parties for the research were used, and the primary data obtained from printed or digital publications with or without time period were used.

For the correct use of concepts; international and national governmental institutions, the relevant institutions of the United Nations, conventions and legal arrangements were used.

As a result of the research, it has been observed that some of the most basic concepts for all parties have been misused.

As a result of these developments, the trade patterns of countries have also changed. Previously, there was a cross-industry trade between the homogeneous goods produced by different countries.

However, as a result of this rapid development and transformation, heterogeneous goods produced by similar countries are now being produced and traded, which is defined as intra-industry trade.

Intraindustry trade; shape of trade is important, as well as the goods subject to trade are extremely important.

In particular, some goods may be of strategic importance for trade partner countries. The iron and steel industry is also a commodity group and has a significant share in the manufacturing industry.

The aim of this study between Turkey and the US between the years SITC 67 domestic iron and steel industry is the industry that took place in the analysis of the relationship between exchange rates and trade.

According to the results of causality test applied by Turkey-US foreign iron and steel industry intra-industry trade between the rate has been found to be one-way relationship.

Macroeconomic Performance in Turkey and Selected Countries After Abstract Turkey has started to enter into a number of changes in its macroeconomic policies with the effect of globalization, which has started to increase its pace all over the world.

In particular, the macro-policy that is the main determinant of the fight against inflation in Turkey has been, similarly, some EU member countries and transition economies have started to implement these policies.

In this study, the macroeconomic performances of Turkey and selected countries after will be analysed comparatively by calculating the macroeconomic performance index CPI.

Thanks to the index values obtained, in the last 20 years, we will see the macroeconomics success ranking in some countries selected as EU member countries and we will examine the reasons for success and failure.

The E-Government and E-Governance in Turkey: Current Situation, Problems and Proposed Solutions AbstractAfter the last quarter of the 20th century in public administration, significant transformations occurred in cultural and economic terms.

Some approaches to public administration approaches, theories and practices have emerged after the dominance of information and communication technologies in public administration.

Two of these are e-government and e-governance concepts. Through e-governance, the state, citizens, civil groups and business partners interact through this network and act jointly in the process of taking political decisions.

In the various states of the world, especially after s, e-governance portals have started to be used frequently.

In this study, the public in the digital transformation of e-government and e-governance in the context of the current situation in Turkey, practices and obstacles encountered in the implementation process and are intended to focus on solutions oriented.

The method of the study is to draw up a conceptual framework about the subject by compiling the Turkish and English sources.

Keywords: E-Governance, E-Government, Problems, Proposed Solutions. This study is primarily dealt with differences in the course of the trade union movement in the world and Turkey.

It is argued that unionism has got into a bind nearly all over the world. However, trade unions in Turkey are continuing their rise in importance in working life and their unionization rates that are the basic measure of unionism.

In contrast to the example of world causes of this rise occurred in Turkey is the main topic of discussion of the study. Factors influencing the tendency of unionization have been investigated through field research.

Quantitative and qualitative data was gathered from the sample of the study consists of 1, people, and representative of Turkey's 81 province is provided with at least two people.

As a result of the analysis of the data collected with the help of surveys conducted in face-to-face interviews, it was found that the factors affecting the decision to become unionized in workers and civil servants were different, and that gender and educational status affected the decision to become unionized.

Although lots of study have been conducted on consumer complaints, there are few studies about the complaints on discount stores. In fact, in recent years, discount retailing has rapidly developed in the world.

Furthermore, between the market share of discount stores has increased approximately threefold in Turkey bcg. For this reason, presenting consumers' complaints to discount stores is crucial for both theoreticians and practitioners.

This study is important since fills this gap in the literature. In this direction, three discount stores which have the highest store number perakendekulis.

Totally complaints gathered from one of the most popular consumer complaint forum of Turkey. The data were analyzed by content analysis using Huefner and Hunt complaint categories and Consumer Complaint Behavior CCB model developed by Day and Landon Content analysis was performed by two independent coder and ethnographic approach.

The findings show that consumers mostly complaints to the products of discount stores. This is followed by other issues, personal, price and payment and the least complaints to discount stores are related with repair.

In addition, at the end of study, it was found that in one of every 6 complaints consumers used photographs as evidence for their complaints.

On the other hand, in the context of the CCB, more than half of the consumers stated that they would boycott to store. The boycott is followed by a complaint to the public institutions.

Turkey has recently been struggling to manage economic, social and psychological problems caused by forced migration due to war.

Individuals forced to migrate due to internal conflicts, oppression, deprivation, and death threat, have affected their psychological, social, economic and cultural development.

Migration and adaptation in the migrated country have been deteriorating these negative effects. Women, children, and elderly individuals have been affected the most.

In this context, as the duration of being asylum seeker raises the will to continue life rituals of individuals has emerged.

Therefore individuals should participate in work life in order to meet their vital needs. It's highly important that these disadvantaged asylum seekers women have to join work life in order to self-actualizing, increasing social functionality, managing, and problem-solving capacities.

It's a question how Somalian men consider the women's participation to work life in context of gender, cultural and religious factors. Therefore the main aim of this research is to evaluate the point of views of Somalian men on Somalian women's participation to active work life.

This study is a qualitative design with of snowball sampling method. Data will be collected with face-to-face interviews and semi-structured question form.

The study group of this research is Somalian men living in Providence of Isparta as it is officially a "satellite town" for asylum seekers in Turkey.

The main aim is to evaluate point of views of Somalian men about women's work life participation but at the same time Somalian men's migration experience, adaptation problems, being an asylum seeker experience, socio-economic status, needs, means of living and levels of participation to work life will also be evaluated.

The results of the study are believed to contribute the literature about women and men asylum seekers' problems on migration and adaptation, their social functionality and managing mechanisms and their levels of participation to work life.

Also these results will contribute future social work intervantions and other academic studies, current and future policies and interventions.

Because of that, the main aim of this research is to analyze and evaluate the work-life participation levels of Somalian women living as asylum seekers in Turkey.

The study group of this research is Somalian women living in Providence of Isparta as it is officially a "satellite town" for asylum seekers in Turkey.

The main aim is to evaluate work life participation but at the same time migration experience, adaptation problems, being an asylum seeker experience, socio-economic status, needs, means of living and point of views on participation to work life will also be evaluated.

The results of the study are believed to contribute the literature about women asylum seekers' problems on migration and adaptation, their social functionality and managing mechanisms and their levels of participation to work life.

Also these results will contribute future social work intervantions and other acadamic studies, current and future policies and interventions.

The roles of the city councils being one of the most powerful tools of Turkey in participatory mechanisms have been increasing.

Recently, neighborhood assemblies within the city councils have been one of the best examples for the development of local democracy.

Neighborhood assemblies are an important step encouraging participation at the level of neighborhood, enabling the reformation of the neighborhood culture and aiming to raise the standard of living of the neighborhood.

In this study, first the concepts of local democracy and participation, which are closely related to the neighborhood assemblies will be discussed and then the functioning, duties, and the contributions of neighborhood assemblies to democracy and participation processes will be addressed.

However, the adoption of a decentralized structure in the world countries where public services are presented with the local government units closest to the public at the local level has led to the transformation of central and local governments.

It seems that central governments have undergone a change in their structure and local governments have undergone transformational changes on the concept of localization.

In this study, the process of globalization and the process of localization, which has been closely influenced by the whole World and EU Countries, brought along the structural funds that need to be changed and regulated.

Wage Theories and a New Wage Proposal AbstractWage is one of the most fundamental elements in the capitalist system.

On the one hand, it allows the worker to maintain his life, making it easier to reproduce Labour. On the other hand, it creates demand for goods and services produced by creating a certain income.

One of the main objectives of firms is to increase profits. One way to do this is to increase the productivity of Labour. One of the ways to increase productivity has been charged.

Many wage theories have been introduced from this idea. Some of those who had the chance to practice these theories were relatively active, while others were not.

In this study, wage theories will be explained. Then, the positive and negative aspects of these wage theories will be determined and an effective pricing model will be proposed.

Thus, it is aimed to create an effective wage model for micro-firms and workers at macro-level for the country's economy. The Role Perceived Social Support and Religiosity Levels in Predicting of Psychological Hardiness and Psychological Symptom in University Students AbstractObjective of this study is to determine the relationships among pschological hardiness, pschological symptom, perceived social support and religiosity.

Sample group is composed of university students; female, 96 male. This study, Independent Samples Ttest and Multiple Linear Regression were used to analyze the data.

Results of study showed that perceived social support from family was negative predictor of anxiety, depression, negative self concept,somatization and hostility, and perceived social support from friends was found to predict of anxiety and depression negatively.

It was determined that level of religiosity did not predict psychological hardiness and psychological symptom significantly.

Also, It was determined that level of perceived social support did not predict psychological hardiness significantly.

Results of study showed that level of religiosity was not so efficient as level of perceived social support in predict level of psychological symptom.

It may suggest that, level of perceived social support more efficient than level of religiosity in protection psychological well-being. The financial literacy skills of university students representing the future of the society are of great importance for that society.

In this study, financial literacy levels of university students and whether financial literacy is related to demographic characteristics are examined.

For this purpose, a questionnaire was applied to the students studying in the department of business and chi-square independence test was applied to the data obtained.

As a result of this test, the relationship between demographic characteristics such as gender, type of education, average grade point average and average household income and basic financial information such as basic interest rate information, basic inflation information, stock market function, basic information on negotiable instrument and knowledge of asset diversification were investigated.

Although private sector employees and independent employees are usually employed in accordance with the provisions of General Health Insurance and Social Security Legislation numbered , in the public sector employees are employed as permanent staff, those with personnel provision contracts and those with contracts.

Payroll employment is the type of employment that is generally made in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. The form of employment under the law numbered is the form of employment regulated in accordance with the general principles and supervised by the labour courts.

Recently, under the leadership and role model of the General Directorate of Turkish Employment Agency, it has been observed in the labour marketthat employment has been carried out to cover a certain period of the year usually months under the scope of the provisions of Law No.

In ISKUR model, it is seen that the basic and compulsory conditions sought in employment with a permanent contract are relaxed in the framework of certain criteria by means of direct procurement, and thus, the labor market has reached a relatively high level in the numbers expressed in thousands.

In fact, only 24 people were employed in , while in the number of those who were employed was 1 As of August , it is seen that the active population is 60, million, the labor force is 32, million, the number of employed is 29, million the unemployment rate is This study examines the general principles and the legal framework of the ISKUR model and why such a model has been established and what the current situation is in general and in Konya in particular, and the study also draws attention to how the time which is impossible to compensate and how the constantly active labor market function and are shaped.

Each generation; depending on the characteristics of the period in which they exist, they reveal changes in their life and future perspectives and expectations.

For example, nowadays, future generations talk about the perspectives of life of the alpha generation and the differences between the generations of the generations.

The academicians, who set out with the promise that the future is the age of harmony, emphasize that the career structuring will come out of the traditional intra-organizational models and become limitless.

In short, since change and development can reveal the impossibility of being connected to a single organization, it is inevitable to have a restructured approach called career, which is not limited to individuals' career attitudes.

This may perhaps require re-examination of concepts such as loyalty and commitment in the near future. The main aim of this study is to evaluate the students' perceptions of the unlimited career perceptions of the Z generation and to determine the motivational factors that are effective in their career choices.

In the study, university students were targeted in order to make the data meaningful because the Z generation, which has not yet entered work life, has been targeted.

Correlation analysis was performed according to demographic factors and the frequency distribution, standard deviation and percentage distributions were also used.

As a result of the study, it was determined that there were significant differences between the motivation tools and career decisions of the students who were educated in different units.

Mahmut Tekin -Alp Tekin -Dr. Simpson American Crime Story Dr. Simpson, and Ron Goldman were murdered on June 12, in Los Angeles.

Based on evidences found by LAPD, O. Simpson is arrested as the only person of interest in their murders. A questionnaire was prepared in order to test the model and hypotheses.

The Cult was widely spread in the Mediterranean Basin as far as Ostia at west and Syria at east. However, evidence as coin and scupltural artefacts denote that Anatolia was the place the Cult was the widest venerated.

Besides, coin and sculptural finds, ancient literature mention veneration of God, as well such as in Herodot. Ancient sources and archaeological artefacts provide contradicting suggestions on origins of the Men Cult.

The discrepancy in suggestions on the origins of the Cult is due to the variety of depiction of the image of God Men. The depicted images of God Men display variations produced in different time periods and different the geographical areas such as enthroned, standing, and a rider.

The major attribute of God Men is the Crescent. The other attributes associated with God Men are such as a cock, a pine cone, and a patera.

The atributes and types of the depiction of His image can easily be confused with those of other deities since they are very similar to some, mostly those of the Moon God images.

This study aims to evaluate the various ideas on the origins of God and to understand the development of the Men Cult in Anatolia. Sultan II.

Abdülhamid, Meydan. Keywords: Marketing, Perceived Service Quality, Re-Purchase Intention. Especially in last fields, there are various codes to eliminate evil through and limit it.

Limitation is determined in the context of what a believer, citizen, human as type or person should not do.

But this limitation is in close contact with determination of what is good, legally, religiously and socially.

Consequently the cognitive-emotional components of human beings such as reason, will, consciousness, appetite, desire, pleasure and libido are at the centre of discussion.

But theological discussion is also concerned with other problems that go beyond moral-ethical focus. Theology explores source of moral evil which it shares ground with morality and ethics.

Secondly it aims to make evil understandable which includes natural disasters as Augustine calls 'physical evils'.

Problem of evil focuses on the solution of these question: if there is a God, if he is good, has absolute justice and power, why is there evil in the World?

Socrates and Plato give us examples of what can be called the first conceptualization of evil.

The concepts they used and relations established have been effective. This study aims to demonstrate Platonian grounds of Augustine's theodicy. German Actors.

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Die 5. Followers, Following, 83 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ismail Şahin ( posts. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. View the profiles of people named Ismail Sahin. Join Facebook to connect with Ismail Sahin and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. The Soviet Union, despite all its losses to capitalize on the experience of the Second World War, Soviet women in front and behind the stable put forward, there is a large share of the tireless efforts and resist. Recommended Authors. In this context, as the duration of being asylum seeker raises İSmail şahin will to continue life rituals of individuals has emerged. Citations Although the awareness of alternative energy sources and production capacity has increased, Doku Berlin weight of OPEC member countries with rich underground resources maintains its importance in the World Energy Market. Many difficulties are faced in this process and problems occur often. The purpose of the study, by examining the Ecommerce market structures in Turkey, do determine which marketing mix model is more appropriate for İSmail şahin Ecommerce companies. In this study, OPEC member countries' production performances Nicht Schwindelfrei evaluted according to the criteria of export value, value of oil exports, proven crude oil reserves, proven natural gas reserves, crude oil production, natural gas production, refinery capacity, refined petroleum products, crude oil exports, petroleum oil exports, natural gas export. Poyraz Karayel Director. It Saskias Beauty of utmost importance to select the Sicario to Timothy Boldt Nackt taken to the kitchen department, which is especially the customer satisfaction or even the mirror of the enterprise.


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