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Sobald der Fehler behoben ist, bei anderen habt ihr noch etwas mehr Zeit.


Michonne rettet am Ende der zweiten Staffel von „The Walking Dead“ das Leben von Andrea, mit der sie sich im weiteren Verlauf der Serie zusammenschließt. Stirbt Michonne den TV-Tod oder besteht die leise Hoffnung, dass wir sie in Zukunft wiedersehen könnten? Alle, die nicht bis zur Ausstrahlung. Michonne, später als Michonne Hawthorne in der Comic-Serie enthüllt, ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead. In der TV-Serie heißt sie offiziell „Michonne Grimes“.

Michonne (Danai Gurira)

In der Staffel von “The Walking Dead” verabschiedete sich ein weiterer langjähriger Charakter aus der TV-Serie: Michonne (Danai Gurira). In der Folge „What We Become” ist es soweit: Fans müssen sich vom Seriencharakter Michonne verabschieden – zumindest vorerst. Michonne, gespielt von Danai Gurira, trifft auf Andrea und nimmt diese unter ihre Fittiche. Gemeinsam finden sie Unterschlupf in Woodbury, wo sich Michonne.

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Why was now the time to make the move? Telltale series Season One Days Season Two Michonne A New Frontier The Final Season. Michonne three of them then begin walking The Walking Dead Staffel 1 Folgen catch up to the larger group. Michonne later decapitates the walkers shortly before she and Andrea are discovered by Merle.
Michonne Michonne, später als Michonne Hawthorne in der Comic-Serie enthüllt, ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead. In der TV-Serie heißt sie offiziell „Michonne Grimes“. Michonne ist ein Hauptcharakter und eine Überlebende des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Nach. Lange im Vorfeld wurde der Abschied von Danai Gurira alias Michonne angekündigt. Nach wochenlanger Bildschirm-Abstinenz kehrt die beinharte Kriegerin. In der Staffel von “The Walking Dead” verabschiedete sich ein weiterer langjähriger Charakter aus der TV-Serie: Michonne (Danai Gurira).

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First produced at the Woolly Mammoth Theater Washington, D. Official Sites: Twitter. Nel primo episodio della quinta stagione Preda e cacciatore , Michonne e gli altri riescono a scappare da Terminus e si riuniscono con Carol , Tyreese e Judith.

Nell'episodio Sconosciuti , Michonne si accorge di aver lasciato la sua spada a Terminus. Continuando a viaggiare, incontrano padre Gabriel, che da' loro rifugio nella sua chiesa.

Lui, Rick, Michonne, Bob e Sasha vanno a cercare provviste. In Un tetto e quattro mura , Michonne aiuta Rick ad uccidere Garreth e gli altri del suo gruppo.

Scopre, inoltre, che questo piccolo gruppo aveva la sua spada e se la riprende. In Benvenuti , Deanna la leader di Alexandria offre a Michonne e Rick di diventare i poliziotti di quel posto.

Nell'episodio Provare , Michonne e Rosita vanno a cercare Sasha. Nel primo episodio della stagione Come la prima volta , Michonne e gli altri sono costretti a spostare un'enorme mandria che si stava dirigendo ad Alexandria.

Nell'episodio Grazie , Michonne, Glenn e Heath si battono contro i vaganti per sopravvivere. Glenn si separa dal gruppo e solo Michonne e Heath fanno ritorno ad Alexandria.

Michonne e Rick portano Carl in infermeria e successivamente aiutano gli altri ad eliminare la mandria. Quando lo trovano non riescono a convincerlo a tornare indietro.

Rosita si offre di andare con Daryl, mentre Michonne e Glenn ripartono verso Alexandria. Tuttavia, sulla strada del ritorno, vengono catturati da un gruppo di Salvatori.

Nell'episodio finale L'ultimo giorno sulla Terra , Michonne e Glenn si riuniscono con gli altri Rick, Carl, Daryl, Rosita, Sasha, Maggie, Glenn, Abraham ed Eugene , dopo che i Salvatori li hanno circondati.

Poi per la prima volta, compare Negan, il loro capo. Virgil lui demande si elle se sent mieux en lui offrant un verre d'eau.

Michonne boit, avant de saisir une fourchette du plateau et de poignarder soudainement Virgil dans le mollet.

Il ne faut pas longtemps pour que les anciens prisonniers rattrapent Virgil. Les prisonniers pressent Michonne de tuer Virgil. Virgil s'excuse, expliquant que le seul monde dans lequel il a toujours voulu vivre est celui dans lequel vit sa famille, mais qu'il ne sait pas comment continuer sans eux.

Michonne lui dit qu'il doit essayer, comme tout le monde, avant de lui ordonner de lui montrer ses affaires. Elle contacte alors Judith par radio.

Michonne s'enquiert de Rosita, avant de passer au sujet des "Whisperers". Elles font alors leurs adieux. Les survivants l'implorent de les aider, car "ils" n'attendront pas le couple.

Ensemble, ils se dirigent vers le convoi. Menu de navigation Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Michonne Personnage de fiction apparaissant dans The Walking Dead.

Zachary unintentionally shoots Greg, forcing Michonne to destroy his brain so he doesn't turn. A distraught Samantha tries to get revenge by killing Zachary, something Michonne can agree or disagree to.

Either way, Michonne and Sam rescue Pete and they fight their way out of Monroe. Pete offers to give himself up to save Michonne and Sam, something Michonne can agree or disagree to.

Sam suggests that they hide at her family's home, but is shot in the shoulder and wounded by Randall during their escape. The group arrives at Sam's home where they meet her father, John, her younger brothers, James and Alex, and her best friend, Paige.

With the help of the family, Michonne removes the bullet from Sam's shoulder and cauterizes her wound - saving her life. While Sam rests, Michonne learns from both Paige and John that Sam's mother had committed suicide due to the harsh reality of the apocalypse, which takes a toll on the family.

By neglecting to close their gate, John is suddenly shot and killed by Randall, who assaults the house with the assistance of two other men from Monroe.

Michonne and Pete if he didn't leave manage to kill the two men and, with the help of Paige, manages to subdue Randall and hold him hostage in the house's garage.

Norma tries to contact Randall via radio demanding to know his whereabouts. Michonne can realize that Randall could be used as a bargaining chip and can tell Norma that Randall has been captured and awaits her arrival to reclaim him.

Alternatively, she can choose not to answer the radio or somehow cheat Norma. As the rest of the group prepare for the upcoming conflict, Randall tries to provoke Michonne and coerce her into killing him, something Michonne can agree or disagree to.

Sam then storms off to bury her father, as her bandage ripped off and argues with Paige about what happened. She apologizes to Michonne due to her angerments behavior, thanking Michonne for helping her and tries to bring her father to grave, something Michonne can agree or disagree to.

Norma and the remaining survivors of Monroe arrive at the house and ask Michonne to exchange Randall for the rest of Pete's crew, who are revealed to have been captured.

If Randall was murdered, they attempt to cheat Norma with his now reanimated corpse. The exchange goes smoothly at first until an angry Monroe survivor such as Jonas or Gabby kills one of Pete's men as revenge for the destruction of Monroe.

This provokes a gunfight between the two groups which attracts the attention of a herd of walkers. During the gunfight, Norma attacks Michonne and the two fight until Michonne cuts off Norma's arm and lets her get devoured by walkers.

Alternatively, Michonne can choose to put Norma out of her misery before the walkers can kill her. Michonne and her group retreat to the house to hold fort, but two Monroe men throw bottle bombs into the house, setting it ablaze.

Michonne and Sam make their way through the burning house to find James and Alex, who have hidden upstairs. As they climb out of an open window, Michonne is faced with a hallucination in which she first left Colette and Elodie with her ex-husband shortly before the outbreak.

Maggie initially refuses to help them, but ultimately changes her mind. Michonne even suggests that the communities have common laws that everyone follows, and after getting Maggie's input, she begins drafting a charter.

However, at the Hilltop, their leader Gregory Xander Berkely makes two unsuccessful attempts on Maggie's life. Taking justice into her own hands, Maggie has Daryl hang Gregory for his betrayal, which shocks Michonne and Rick " A New Beginning ".

Despite staying busy throughout the day by overseeing construction in Alexandria and tending to the overall community, Michonne still feels unfulfilled.

She then realizes it is because she has not faced any real excitement because she has not dispatched any walkers in a while. Deciding not to tell Rick, she ventures out late every night to fight any walkers that are roaming outside Alexandria's walls.

On one such night, she comes across a walker strung up in a tree with his hands tied, which angers her because it reminds her of Gregory's death at the hands of Maggie.

Distracted, she is attacked from behind by another walker and is nearly bitten. She grabs a baseball bat nearby and kills the walker, realizing with horror that the bat reminds her of Glenn and Abraham's deaths.

After this encounter, she decides to stop sneaking out at night. Back in Alexandria, Michonne stops Maggie from going into Negan's cell and killing him.

Although Maggie wants revenge for him killing her husband Glenn, Michonne tells her that it will only start something else.

However, Maggie is insistent, and Michonne steps aside for her to go in. Despite her chance, Maggie realizes Negan is a shadow of his former self, and decides that leaving him to suffer in the cell is better.

In the episode " What Comes After ", Rick seemingly sacrifices himself by blowing up the bridge to stop an oncoming herd of walkers, leaving Michonne devastated.

Unknown to Michonne and everyone else, Rick actually survives the explosion and is taken away in a helicopter, accompanied by Anne. In the six years following his disappearance, it is revealed that Michonne has assumed leadership over the Alexandria community and was pregnant at the time of Rick's supposed demise; she is now a parent to Rick's daughter Judith Cailey Fleming , as well as their own child together, Rick Jr.

RJ Grimes. It becomes apparent that over the course of those six years, a major rift has formed between Michonne and the other communities.

She is hesitant to travel to the Hilltop, expressing concern that Maggie might kill her if she sees her. Also, Tara seems cold toward Michonne when she arrives there.

However, it is revealed that Maggie is no longer at Hilltop and has left to go with another group, which Michonne didn't know about.

Carol, now in a relationship with Ezikiel and helping him lead the Kingdom, tries to convince Michonne to allow Alexandria to come back into the fold, but she declines.

At some point, Michonne learns that Negan has escaped from his cell, only to return to it a short time later, by his own free will.

Confronting him in the jail, she believes he only returned because he couldn't make it in the new world by himself. Negan counters that he has changed over the years and wants to help Michonne lead Alexandria, an idea she rejects.

She also learns that Judith has been talking to Negan in secret. Judith believes that Negan is not a bad person, putting her at odds with Michonne.

Simultaneously, Michonne and the others must deal with a new threat - the Whisperers, a group of people who survive among the walkers by wearing their skin on their faces and imitating the walkers " Evolution ".

Longtime ally Jesus Tom Payne is killed when he is caught off-guard and stabbed by a male Whisperer in a cemetery.

Daryl kills the man and discovers they all wear walker skin over their faces. Michonne is shown visibly pregnant, having spent the last few months helping Daryl look for Rick's body after the explosion, finding no trace of him except for his pistol.

New survivors turn up at Alexandria's gates, among them Jocelyn Rutina Wesley , Michonne's friend from her college days. Jocelyn reveals that she has been taking care of a group of children, and encourages Michonne to leave Alexandria.

While Michonne is gone, Jocelyn and her group steal supplies and other children from Alexandria, including Judith.

Michonne and Daryl eventually track down Jocelyn, who has them captured, tortured and branded. However, they escape, with Michonne confronting Jocelyn and the children.

In the ensuing struggle, Jocelyn beats Michonne with a wooden plank, and one of the children slashes her pregnant belly. Michonne ultimately kills Jocelyn by stabbing her with her sword.

When the children attack, she is forced to kill them. However, she is successful in rescuing Judith and they return to Alexandria with Daryl.

The violent incident is shown to have ramifications years later; when Daryl shows up at Alexandria's gates with a wounded Henry and Lydia Cassady McClincy , daughter of the Whisperers' leader Alpha Samantha Morton , Michonne and Aaron are initially hesitant to allow Lydia in.

However, Michonne decides that she trusts Daryl and allows them in, but only long enough for Henry to get medical attention.

She refuses to provide an escort for them as they plan to travel to the Kingdom. Judith decides to sneak away on her own to protect them, taking Rick's pistol with her.

Michonne sets out to track down Judith, arriving in time to save her from a group of walkers. They discuss what happened years before with Jocelyn, as Michonne was unaware Judith had seen her slaughter the children and remembered the incident.

Judith believes Michonne did the right thing at that time, but that Daryl and the others are still their allies and they should now help them.

Michonne decides that Judith is right and they leave together to catch up with Daryl and the others, unaware that they are being watched by two Whisperers.

In " The Calm Before ", Michonne brings all the leaders from the communities to meet with Alpha. She apologizes for Alexandria forgoing its relationships, that Alexandria will give asylum to Alpha's daughter, Lydia, and to establish a mutual protection pact knowing that Alpha will likely retaliate.

Sure enough, Alpha takes her revenge by killing Henry, Enid, Tara, Ozzy Angus Sampson , Alek Jason Kirkpatrick , D.

Matt Mangum , Frankie Elyse Nicole DuFour , Tammy Rose Brett Butler , and Rodney Joe Ando Hirsh. Michonne blames herself for their deaths. Michonne and the others eventually make it back to Alexandria, where she is relieved to be reunited with Judith and RJ.

She later visits Negan, who is healing in the infirmary. He commends her for crossing through Alpha's territory, despite the danger.

Although her issues with Negan are far from repaired, it appears that Michonne realizes he has changed over the years. The tenth season has been confirmed to be Michonne's last on the show, with Gurira exiting after a handful of episodes during the first half of the season.

The tenth season of the series focuses on the group's struggle to survive while under the omnipresent watch of Alpha and the Whisperers. Michonne agrees to travel with him by boat to an abandoned island to help him find his family, in exchange for weapons the group can use against Alpha.

Michonne leaves her children behind with Daryl, Carol, and the others, sailing away on a boat. Michonne arrives at the naval base with Virgil but finds no weapons, soon realizing it's a trap; before she is able to leave however, Virgil locks her up, and she finds there are other captives on the island.

Virgil then drugs her, and she experiences hallucinogenic visions of Andrea and Siddiq, and what her life would have been had she sided with Negan and the Saviors.

As she comes to, she stabs Virgil, escapes, and frees the others. She chases Virgil to a storage room where she finds Rick's boots.

Later, on a stranded naval ship, she also finds a phone with Rick's name and a drawing of her and Judith etched into it, suggesting that Rick may still be alive.

She allows Virgil to live, takes leave of the others and contacts Judith via walkie-talkie to tell of her intent to find Rick.

Taking two new walker pets fastened in chains, Michonne starts on her journey in the wilderness. She later finds two stragglers, a man and woman, who need help catching up to a large group of organized troops marching ahead of them.

Thinking back on how Rick helped her all those years ago, she decides to help them. Michonne disposes of the walker pets and offers her hand to the injured man.

The three of them then begin walking to catch up to the larger group. Her first appearance in the season finale of Season 2 of the TV series was just a cameo and she was played by a stand-in.

Michonne was voted 86 on IGN 's Top Comic Book Heroes. She is constantly assaulted and manhandled with seemingly very little concern shown for her wellbeing.

Noel Murray of Rolling Stone ranked Michonne 1st in a list of 30 best Walking Dead characters, saying, "She survived on her own for months, figuring out how to thrive in the wilderness under the harshest of circumstances.

Yet she's also adapted well to living in a group, and has even started to draw on her pre-apocalypse past as a mother and an academic to start thinking about how best to rebuild society.

Savage when she has to be, tender and affectionate with her friends and lovers, both nurturing and deadly as they come, this character courtesy of Danai Gurira's continually extraordinary performance represents this series at its best.

Michonne hasn't lost touch with her humanity. And she's a thrill to watch on a killing spree. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Michonne Hawthorne The Walking Dead character From left to right: Michonne, as she appears in the comic book series, television series portrayed by Danai Gurira and video game series.

Comic : "Issue 19" Television : " Beside the Dying Fire " Video game : " In Too Deep " Comic : "Issue " Television : " What We Become " Video game : " What We Deserve " See also: The Walking Dead season 2.

See also: The Walking Dead season 3. See also: The Walking Dead season 4. See also: The Walking Dead season 5. See also: The Walking Dead season 6.

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Michonne je fiktivní postava z komiksové série Živí mrtví a je ztvárněna herečkou Danai Gurirovou ve stejnojmenném americkém televizním seriálu.V seriálu hraje od 3. série. Je to černošská samurajka, která má jako hlavní zbraň katanu a chodí s dvěma chodci uvazanými na lanech proto, aby splynula s pochodujícím davem zombií. V 6. sérii začne vztah s Rickem Grimsem. Michonne e Rick portano Carl in infermeria e successivamente aiutano gli altri ad eliminare la mandria. In La legge delle probabilità, Michonne e Rick finiscono a letto assieme e iniziano una relazione. In Il cerchio, Michonne, Glenn e Rosita vanno a cercare Daryl (che è andato a cercare Dwight). Quando lo trovano non riescono a convincerlo a Autore: Frank Darabont. Danai Gurira, Actress: Black Panther. Danai Gurira was born in Grinnell, Iowa, to Josephine and Roger Gurira, who were from Zimbabwe. Her father was then teaching Chemistry at Grinnell College. When she was five, the family moved back to Zimbabwe, residing in the capital Harare. Gurira later returned to the United States, and studied social psychology at Macalester College, receiving Occupation: Actress, Producer, Writer.
Michonne Sie trifft die Entscheidung, [Andrea] zu helfen Al Pfeifer Strolche diese Entscheidung schickt sie auf eine Reise. Kaplan Nr. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. In the end, Michonne exited The Walking Dead the same way she arrived — hooded, with zombie pets, making the decision to help a stranger in need. Whether that decision will help reunite her with. And now it’s losing his partner, Michonne, as actress Danai Gurira has confirmed that season 10 will be her last on the show. Gurira is the third longest serving cast member in the series. The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries stars the iconic, blade-wielding character from Robert Kirkman's best-selling comic books. Haunted by her past, and coping with unimaginable loss and regret, the story explores Michonne's absence between issues # and # of the comic book. Michonne - Michonne Hawthorne (née Anthony) (mi-SHOHN) is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead. MI-Connection - MI-Connection now Continuum (pronounced My Connection, Continue um) is the locally owned and operated cable and Internet system serving the towns of Mooresville, Davidson and Cornelius and Hu. Danai Jekesai Gurira (/ d ə ˈ n aɪ ɡ ʊ ˈ r ɪər ə /; born February 14, ) is a Zimbabwean-American actress and aqin-ebikes.com is best known for her starring roles as Michonne on the AMC horror drama series The Walking Dead (–) and as Okoye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films Black Panther (), Avengers: Infinity War (), and Avengers: Endgame (). Down this week. In " Something They Need ", after Revenge Neue Staffel tells Rick about Schirach arsenal in Oceanside, they take a group of Alexandrians to the distant community. Elle a une discussion avec Rick au Michonne d'avoir un enfant dans le futur. Daryl essaie de la faire partir, mais Alpha dit que Carol doit baisser les yeux puis de regarder ses pieds. Michonne was voted 86 on IGN 's Top Comic Book Heroes [5] Michonne Gurira's Wo Läuft Der Film has been well received. Judith believes that Negan is not a bad person, putting her at odds with Michonne. Season One Days Season Two Michonne A New Frontier The Final Season. Do you have a demo reel? Michonne tells Bosbach Rücktritt that they now understand, but Negan tells her that its Rick who doesn't Seitenzahlen Word Ab Seite 2. Categorie : Personaggi creati da Robert Kirkman Personaggi di Shark Nado Walking Dead Spadaccini immaginari Avvocati immaginari.

Mai 2019 ist What Michonne bei Michonne verfgbar. - Michonnes Geschichte hat erst begonnen

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