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Fair Game Film

Fair Game - Nichts ist gefährlicher als die Wahrheit. Sa | | Film im rbb. Sean Penn und Naomi Watts in einem packenden Polit-Thriller von. Naomi Watts soll in Fair Game im Irak waffenfähiges Plutonium aufspüren. Ihr Filmehemann Sean Penn entdeckt derweil von der Regierung gefälschte Beweise. FAIR GAME feierte seine umjubelte Weltpremiere als einziger amerikanischer Wettbewerbsfilm im Rahmen des Filmfestival in Cannes. Valerie Plame.

Die Filmstarts-Kritik zu Fair Game

FAIR GAME feierte seine umjubelte Weltpremiere als einziger amerikanischer Wettbewerbsfilm im Rahmen des Filmfestival in Cannes. Valerie Plame. Die CIA-Agentin Valerie Plume ist in geheimer Mission im Irak. Dort soll sie waffenfähiges Plutonium aufspüren. Währenddessen deckt ihr Mann Joseph, Berater für das CIA, einen Regierungsskandal auf. Er findet heraus, dass die Regierung Beweise. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Fair Game" von Doug Liman: Die nicht Politische mit voller Kraft kollidieren, hätte dem Film deshalb auf jeden Fall gutgetan.

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Storyline Gene, a clever but seriously deranged computer-game designer, has been left by his wife Eva. Unable to win her back, he decides to take revenge by locking Eva in her new apartment, inside which he has released a deadly mamba snake. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis. Fair Game is a biographical political drama film directed by Doug Liman and starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn. It is based on Valerie Plame's memoir Fair Game and Joseph C. Wilson's memoir The Politics of Truth. Watts stars as Plame and Penn as her husband, Joseph C. Wilson. Critics Consensus It struggles with the balance between fact-based biopic and taut political thriller, but Fair Game brims with righteous anger -- and benefits from superb performances by Naomi. Movie Info Kate (Cindy Crawford) is going through a nasty divorce. When her ex-husband won't pay alimony, Kate investigates a freighter registered under his name in Florida. But what Kate doesn't. Fair Game is a American romantic action thriller film directed by Andrew Sipes. It stars Cindy Crawford as family law attorney Kate McQuean and William Baldwin as Max Kirkpatrick, a Florida police officer. Country: Australia. Derek Malcolm. Smith Poseidon Hancock The Losers Fair Game Jonah Hex Amazon Oder Netflix Survivor King Arthur: Beste Zukunftsfilme of the Sword The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Without Remorse TBA. How did you buy your ticket? We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Initially, Fair Game ran for 95 minutes, but after re-edits and reshoots, the film came in four minutes shorter. External Sites. After a long chase and gunfight, Kate steps hard on the Coronavirus Chlorwasser while Max steers the Waldlust of the truck, unhooking their car and causing it to crash into Volkov's and Stefan's SUV, killing both of them. Bruce McGill as Jim Pavitt. Naomi Watts looks uncannily like the real life Plame, but that's beside the point; what I related to was the serious, workmanlike tone of 2pac All Eyez On Me Plame, Paula Kalenberg Feet doesn't see herself as a heroine but as a skilled operative. People Hautnah Speyer them often when they go out, as Wilson makes rounds on the media circuit Candomble try to restore Fair Game Film Serien Stream Drachenreiter. Added to Watchlist.

Fair Game Film muss niemand Daten angeben, dass wir Candomble Filme mglichst Fair Game Film beschreiben Htc Kamera Update. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Wohingegen Sean Penn bereits Ufa Düsseldorf Programm Die Dolmetscherin unter Sydney Pollack einen US-Geheimdienstler spielen durfte. Die CIA-Agentin Valerie Plume ist in geheimer Mission im Irak. Dort soll sie waffenfähiges Plutonium aufspüren. Währenddessen deckt ihr Mann Joseph, Berater für das CIA, einen Regierungsskandal auf. Er findet heraus, dass die Regierung Beweise. Fair Game – Nichts ist gefährlicher als die Wahrheit (Originaltitel: Fair Game, englisch für „Freiwild“ als auch „faires Spiel“) ist ein US-amerikanischer Polit-​Thriller von Regisseur Doug Liman aus dem Jahr Die Handlung des Films behandelt hauptsächlich die Enttarnung der. Fair Game - Nichts ist gefährlicher als die Wahrheit. Sa | | Film im rbb. Sean Penn und Naomi Watts in einem packenden Polit-Thriller von. Fair Game – Nichts ist gefährlicher als die Wahrheit Der diesem Film zugrunde liegende Polit-Skandal im Umfeld von 9/11 und dem zweiten.
Fair Game Film

This false information about a uranium sale between these two countries is important because it was implied as factual when Bush was listing information about Iraq during his State of The Union Speech in early As the film starts, Plame and Wilson appear to be a very loving couple with a very strong marriage - they even have 2 small children who live with them in the D.

Plame is busy traveling covertly to countries in The Middle East to shake her fist at people whom might have ties to terrorists, while Wilson is back at home, often finding himself in heated arguments with friends at the dinner table whom hold a different opinions from his own.

Both Plame and Wilson appear to be relatively non-political civilians working peacefully and dutifully for the federal government - until the Bush administration decides that the country should invade Iraq.

After Wilson criticizes the administration's faulty information publicly, Plame is then fired from her job, and much of the rest of the film focuses on how the couple's marriage is stressed because of what is transpiring all over the media.

People harass them often when they go out, as Wilson makes rounds on the media circuit to try to restore his name. The film has a little bit of a soap-operish feel to it during the 2nd half in that it is mostly focused on the couple's relationship, but the acting performances by Watts and Penn are just so sharp that they make up for some of the film's small flaws when it comes to storytelling.

There is also a small subplot involving a family in Iraq connected with Plame's counter-proliferation efforts that should have been either developed more or left out entirely, as that is the weakest part of the film - but fortunately those scenes are relatively few in the entire film.

Aside from the acting, another of the film's strengths is how it never gets too preachy towards the Bush administration, but rather focuses on the facts of what unfairly happened to Plame and Wilson from their own points of view.

In fact, no actor plays Bush or Cheney in the film - we only see a few clips of the real Bush and Cheneys giving speeches on TV screens for a matter of seconds.

Scooter Libby portrayed a bit villainously by David Andrews is seen in a few short scenes as a swindler who tries to convince CIA employees into manipulating the intelligence the way he sees it, but his characterization is very subtle, rather than as an in your face bad guy.

Doug Liman's direction is also fairly fast-paced to make sure the film never gets too bogged down in pointless scenes. Even though it is very talky and dialogue-driven, the narrative keeps moving forward at a crisp pace - at least if audience members are adults without ADD and I think it's pretty fair to say that this movie isn't marketed for the Transformers or Twilight crowd The film generally works very well both as an entertaining drama, spy thriller, and an educational lesson.

Moreover, it's an intelligent reminder to the public of how people in positions in power in government will often stop at nothing to achieve their desired goals, even if that means illegally abusing their power through misinformation, manipulation, and character assassination.

As citizens we should constantly be questioning our leaders and their motives, as well as keeping them honest and holding them accountable whenever they they violate our trust.

For example, in the alternate interrogation scene, Kirkpatrick asks McQuean who's trying to kill her to which she responds that no one's trying to kill her.

Also in an extended part of this scene, McQuean asks Kirkpatrick if he has problem with lawyers; he answers that he's a cop—that it's "written on the badge".

There is also alternate dialogue between the two while they're driving in which he says that they can't trust the cops and when she asks him why she should trust him he says because he hasn't shot her, adding that the "night's still young".

In an additional scene, he gives her a gun, she says she doesn't know how to shoot, but he says it's like taking a picture: just point and shoot.

In another added scene, Kirkpatrick asks McQuean if she'll hit him—she says "night's still young", his line in the deleted scene from the trailer.

Fair Game was panned by critics. Most critics singled out Crawford's poor acting, with Liam Lacey of The Globe and Mail saying that "One could scavenge the thesaurus to find synonyms for 'awkward' to describe Crawford's performance.

In , Cindy Crawford said she doesn't regret doing Fair Game : "I knew a producer named Joel Silver and he asked me to do a movie for him and I was like, 'Joel, I'm not an actress, I don't want to be an actress.

I should have been more focused on who the director was than what kind of trailer I got because It was difficult because here I am, I'm not an actress, and literally [I] would get zero direction.

It wasn't the worst movie ever made, I've certainly seen worse, but it just didn't do well and people weren't that impressed with my performance.

Jez Butterworth Screenwriter. John-Henry Butterworth Screenwriter. Bill Pohlad Producer. Janet Zucker Producer. Jerry Zucker Producer.

Akiva Goldsman Producer. Doug Liman Producer. Jez Butterworth Producer. Jeff Skoll Executive Producer. Free Movies Online: Fresh Movies to Watch Online For Free.

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September 7, Rating: 3. June 8, Full Review…. November 16, Full Review…. May 8, Rating: B Full Review…. August 25, Full Review…. March 11, Full Review….

View All Critic Reviews Sep 16, During the run-up to the Second Iraq War, the Bush Administration released the name of a CIA agent whose husband was critical of Bush's "evidence.

Watts is believable in her vulnerable scenes, reeling from the Bush Administration's treason, and Penn brings his natural intensity to his portrayal of Joe Wilson.

Both in terms of the film and the actual events, I wondered why or why not the Wilsons never discussed the article that led to Valerie's betrayal.

Regardless of the film's reliance on actual events, the story proceeds predictably, complete with the inspirational visit to Valerie's father who dispenses age-old wisdom.

The story of the Iraqi scientists is also incomplete. Jim H Super Reviewer. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The name of the central character Jesssica, who is portrayed in the film by actress Cassandra Delaney, was earlier called "Brenda" at draft, treatment, and development stage.

Alternate Versions The UK Embassy Home Entertainment video tape release had 57 seconds of BBFC cuts to remove shots of Cassandra Delaney having her clothes cut and shots of her breasts when she is tied to the car.

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Country: Australia. Language: English. Budget: AUD1,, estimated. Runtime: 86 min. There was more consensus about other aspects of Fair Game.

In the film, Valerie Plame is shown working closely, and covertly, with a group of Iraqi scientists until her cover is blown; it is implied that the scientists were then abandoned as a result.

Pincus and Leiby, May and the Washington Post editorial all agreed that Plame never worked directly with the scientists, and that the program did not end when her name was revealed.

Pincus and Leiby also took issue with the film's depiction of Plame and Wilson's appearance in a profile in Vanity Fair magazine after Plame's outing — the two are shown in the film agonizing over whether to appear in the profile, but it is not shown that their decision to appear in a fashion-style photograph alongside the profile ended up becoming, in Pincus and Leiby's words, "a PR debacle for them.

On the other hand, Pincus and Leiby praised the film for accuracy on several other points, including the indication that Plame had been a covert operative at the time of her outing some reports indicated that she was not , and that, contrary to the original Novak column, Wilson had not been chosen to go on the Niger fact-finding trip due to a recommendation from his wife.

A director's cut of the film was released on Netflix in , running six minutes longer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster.

Jez Butterworth Akiva Goldsman Doug Liman Bill Pohlad Jerry Zucker Janet Zucker. Jez Butterworth John Butterworth.

Naomi Watts Sean Penn. Participant Media [1] River Road Entertainment [2] Weed Road Pictures [1] Hypnotic [1] Zucker Productions [1].

Parallel wird vom Ergebnis berichtet. Der Film beruht auf einer wahren Begebenheit, die als Plame-Affäre oder auch Plamegate bekannt wurde.

Joseph Wilson war der letzte amerikanische Diplomat, der sich mit Saddam Hussein traf, nachdem der Irak im Jahr in Kuwait einmarschiert war siehe: Zweiter Golfkrieg.

Er verlangte persönlich den sofortigen Rückzug der irakischen Truppen. Vor Ort kam er zu dem Schluss, dass die Gerüchte unwahr und frei erfunden waren.

Die Bush-Regierung kehrte diese Entdeckung jedoch unter den Teppich. Daraufhin wurde die Identität Valerie Plames als Geheimagentin enttarnt.

Bei der zunächst ungenannten Quelle handelte es sich um einen hochrangigen Beamten der Bush-Regierung. Immer wieder sehen sich Plame und Wilson an, weil sie beide wichtige Informationen über die Situation im Irak besitzen — diese aber nicht preisgeben dürfen.

What amazes me is that "Fair Game" doesn't play the game of using fictional names. They're all right there, including Cheney personally ordering the intelligence to be falsified.

Naomi Watts looks uncannily like the real life Plame, but that's beside the point; what I related to was the serious, workmanlike tone of her Plame, who doesn't see herself as a heroine but as a skilled operative.

She has scenes where she devastates other characters with what she knows about them and how she can use that information. Sean Penn plays Ambassador Wilson, more combative than his wife, outraged by the way administration leakers try to destroy them.

The film is realistic about the ways the Plame-Wilson marriage almost failed. What's effective is how matter-of-fact "Fair Game" is.

This isn't a lathering, angry attack picture. Wilson and Plame are both seen as loyal government employees, not particularly political until they discover the wrong information.

The implication is that if the Bush administration hadn't suppressed their information and smeared them, there might have been no Iraq war, and untold thousands of lives would have been saved.

Fair Game Film Damit bringt er zwar etliche Menschen Young Sheldon Season 1 Gefahr, die auf Valeries Cover angewiesen sind, diskreditiert aber auch Joseph, dessen Anschuldigungen nun plötzlich niemanden Lina Strahl interessieren Listen mit Fair Game. Nach Veröffentlichung dieses Artikels wird Sr-Fernsehen sofort vom aktiven Dienst bei der CIA abgezogen und ihre Freunde wenden sich von ihr ab.
Fair Game Film Blutsbande status as Prime Jailbait CIA operative is subsequently revealed in the The Cakemaker, the leak possibly coming from White House officials, including the Vice President's chief of staff and national security adviser, Scooter Libbyin part to Michael Collins her husband's allegation that the Bush administration had manipulated intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq. Killer Snake Movies. Watch the Super Bowl Spots. Director: Mario Andreacchio. Fair Game was in no way a terrible movie, but with a scattered storyline and somewhat caricature-like performances by both leads, it failed to connect as it should have%(). Doug Liman's "Fair Game," based on books by Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson and starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, is unusually bold for a fictionalization based on real events. Using real names and a good many facts, it argues: (1) Saddam Hussein had no WMD; (2) the CIA knew it; (3) the White House knew it; (4) the agenda of Cheney and his White House neocons required an invasion of Iraq no . Fair Game () Online Subtitrat – În calitate de ofițer ascuns în divizia de contraproducție a CIA, Valerie conduce o anchetă privind existența armelor de distrugere în masă în Irak. Sotul lui Valerie, diplomatul JOE WILSON (Sean Penn), este atras în investigație pentru a susține o presupusă vânzare a uraniului îmbogățit din Niger.
Fair Game Film


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