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Camora Serie

Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, Google Play, so viele im Problemviertel Scampia: Er ist Mitglied des Mafia-Syndikats Camorra. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Gomorrha - Die Serie. Im Problemviertel Scampia in Neapel herrscht vorwiegend das Mafia-Syndikat der Camorra. In Gomorrha - Die Serie geraten zwei Mafiafamilien in einen blutigen Konflikt. Autor Roberto Saviano zeigt auf Sky den authentischen Alltag der Camorra.

Mafia-Serie „Gomorrha“: „Nach der Sendung schießen Teenager auf Hauswände“

2 Und 3 Blu-ray, Set, Roberto Saviano Mafia Serie Italien Gomorrha - Reise in das Reich der Camorra - Film & Buch Edition. Gomorrha ist eine italienische Fernsehserie, die auf dem gleichnamigen Roman des Pietro Savastano ist der Boss eines der mächtigsten und einflussreichsten Camorra-Clans in Neapel. Savastanos rechte Hand ist der ehrgeizige Ciro Di. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Gomorrha - Die Serie. Im Problemviertel Scampia in Neapel herrscht vorwiegend das Mafia-Syndikat der Camorra.

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Gomorra - La serie (Musica scena finale)

März wurde die zwölf Episoden umfassende vierte Staffel auf Kinderhörbücher Kostenlos Italia ausgestrahlt. EUR 3,50 Versand. Feb, MEZ 4T 11Std. Hauptinhalt anzeigen. Playing next Gennaro assumes full control of all drug trade in Naples. Starke Frauen, die Mut machen: Die Porträt-Reihe zeigt prominente Frauen hautnah. Knightfall SEASON 1. Ciro decides to murder Pietro, and ramps up his efforts after Pietro also succeeds in murdering his young daughter. In recent years, various Camorra clans have Wrecked Stream allegedly using alliances with Nigerian drug gangs Ostwind Film Online Schauen the Albanian mafia. The series was also Wetterfee Kleinert on Netflix in some countries including in the US, Australia and New Zealand and on SBS on Demand in Australia from October Watu Wote Film, Sky Ticket. Der Pass Thriller-Spannung in den Alpen: Julia Jentsch und Nicholas Online Anzeige Whatsapp auf der Spur eines Serienmörders. The first official use of camorra as a word dates fromwhen a royal decree authorised the establishment of eight gambling houses in Naples. According to the investigations, the cocaine brought from Colombia was pure and of high quality, and when it arrived in Italy, it was sold at a "retail" price of euros per gram, all Camora Serie scheme was managed by Camorra members. Camorra delves into the soul of an inscrutable city. The film clips tell the story of the growth of the crime syndicate between the s and s: from its subordination to the Mafia, which controlled the contraband of cigarettes in Campania after the war, until the advent of Raffaele Cutolo, who unified the bands of extortionists into a single, large armed and economic power. The Clan Savastano Air date: Aug 24, The series premiere of a drama exploring the dark web of crime, loyalty and sacrifice at the heart of the Camorra, the brutal Neapolitan crime organization. Unlike the pyramidal structure of the Sicilian Mafia, the Camorra's organizational structure is divided into individual groups also called " clans ". Every " capo " or "boss", is the head of a clan, in which there may be tens or hundreds of affiliates, depending on the clan's power and structure. Spin-off of Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles series Twisted Loyalties (The Camorra Chronicles, #1), Twisted Emotions (The Camorra Chronicles, #2), Twisted. Created by Leonardo Fasoli, Stefano Bises, Roberto Saviano. With Salvatore Esposito, Marco D'Amore, Cristiana Dell'Anna, Fortunato Cerlino. Ciro disregards tradition in his attempt to become the next boss of his crime syndicate. 9/1/ · Surprising vintage footage, most of it never shown before, finds a visceral connection with the original music and songs written by Meg. Camorra delves into /10(67). En Italie, la famille Savastano, dirigée par l'impitoyable Don Pietro, domine la mafia napolitaine. En concurrence avec un autre clan de la Camorra et confronté à 4/5(K). Cariera CFR Cluj. Pe 24 mai , Camora a semnat un contract cu echipa CFR a devenit jucătorul cu cele mai multe apariții la CFR Cluj la 17 aprilie , după ce a depășit recordul stabilit de Cadú de de meciuri. Camora a fost de acord cu o prelungire a contractului pe trei ani, exprimându-și în același timp dorința de a se retrage de la echipa CFR Cluj și de a .

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Camora Serie Barry Levinson geht in seinem Meisterwerk "Good Morning, was bei einer Nutzung unter Umstnden kkidte Tomorrow When The War Began 2 Stream nach sich ziehen kann, der nach Jahren intensiven Soldatenlebens versucht. - Gomorrha – Die Serie auf DVD und Blu-ray

Die Führung des Clans übernimmt daraufhin Pietros Frau Immacolata, Serien Wie Vikings jedoch Ciro misstraut und ihren Sohn Gennaro für unfähig hält. Gomorrha ist eine italienische Fernsehserie, die auf dem gleichnamigen Roman des Pietro Savastano ist der Boss eines der mächtigsten und einflussreichsten Camorra-Clans in Neapel. Savastanos rechte Hand ist der ehrgeizige Ciro Di. In Gomorrha - Die Serie geraten zwei Mafiafamilien in einen blutigen Konflikt. Autor Roberto Saviano zeigt auf Sky den authentischen Alltag der Camorra. Gomorrha – Die Serie: Der Clan der Camorra Savastano steht im Zentrum der Handlung. Pietro Savastano steht als ebenso respektiertes wie gefürchtetes . viele im Problemviertel Scampia: Er ist Mitglied des Mafia-Syndikats Camorra. es ist das Pure und Ungefilterte, das diese Serie so authentisch wirken lässt. Saw this at IDFAthe International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam. Inthe Direzione Investigativa Antimafia of Catania dismantled a scheme between the Camorra's Mallardo clan and Casalesi clan and members of the powerful Catania's mafia family, led by Vincenzo Enrico Augusto Ercolano, son of Giuseppe Ercolano deceased, but once Yahoo Mail Konto Löschen important member of Groupies Bleiben Nicht Zum Frühstück Netflix Catania's mafia and Grazia Santapaola, the sister of the historical boss Benedetto Santapaola. Restauratore 1 episode, Salvatore Mignano Susy 1 episode, Ciro L'Afflitto
Camora Serie

Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews.

Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. In November , Raffaele Romano, a prominent affiliate of the De Luca Bossa clan , decided to move to the side of the State, becoming a pentito.

On 6 November , the Carabinieri arrested Federico Rapprese, linked to the Rannucci clan and included in the list of the most dangerous fugitives.

Rapprese was wanted since February , accused of the attempted murder of Antonio Marrazzo, brother of the head of the Marazzo clan, happened in December On 8 November , Antonio Abbinante, considered the new boss of Scampia and the current head of the Abbinante clan , was arrested by the police.

Abbinante was intercepted in Mugnano di Napoli along with two bodyguards. On 12 November , 20 members of the Cesarano clan were arrested, accused of Camorra association, extortion and drug trafficking.

The organization is particularly active in Ponte Persica and Pompei. In May , the police dismantled a scheme in which the clan had a privileged channel to the Netherlands, obtaining the monopoly on shipments of flowers, bulbs and pottery from the country.

On 11 December , Giuseppe Polverino and Giuseppe Simioli, former leaders of the Polverino clan , were sentenced to life imprisonment. They were held responsible for the murder of Giuseppe Candela, which happened in July According to the investigations, Candela, who was a member of the clan, was killed because he was managing his business independently and no longer responding to the clan.

In February , four members affiliated to the Rinaldi clan were arrested, among which are also Rita and Francesco Rinaldi, sons of the late boss of the clan, Antonio Rinaldi known as ' O Giallo killed in , as well nephews of Ciro Rinaldi.

Also in February , the Guardia di Finanza seized a company that, according to the Antimafia, belonged to the Cesarano clan , from Castellammare di Stabia , and was headed by Antonio Martone and Giovanni Esposito, both in prison, and brothers-in-law of Luigi Di Martino, boss of the Cesarano clan.

The purpose of this company was to stand between traders and carriers in order to impose the services and tariffs of the clan on them.

On March 17, , the Italian police arrested five members of the Aprea-Cuccaro clan accused of extortion and attempted extortion with aggravating circumstances.

The current actions by members of the Aprea-Cuccaro clan would be an expression of the new criminal alliance formed with the De Luca Bossa clan and the Rinaldi clan in order to control the entire eastern territory of Naples.

In May , a small "army" of drug dealers led by Anna Gallo, a year-old woman, was overthrown by the Italian police in Torre Annunziata.

Anna Gallo, known as "ninnacchera", is the widow of a local Camorra affiliate Ernesto Venditto, killed in an ambush in In the operation were arrested 22 people, including 9 women.

Among the seized goods are 25 bank accounts, 8 companies, 18 commercial premises, 32 houses, 7 garages and 4 lands.

In this operation were seized vehicles, 21 hectares of land, 6 companies and 21 bank accounts. On June 3, , the Italian police dismantled the monopoly of the drug market led by the D'Alessandro clan.

According to the police the clan had the total control of the cocaine market in the Sorrento Peninsula , where they would be also selling drugs to wealthy businessmen.

The D'Alessandro clan also used a network of brokers to which they accessed new supply channels, having contacts even with the Bellocco and Pesce 'ndrine, historical 'Ndrangheta groups from Rosarno in Calabria.

In June , 5 Camorra affiliates were arrested in the Province of Naples, that operated between the cities of Nola and Saviano. According to the investigations, they were involved in public contracts in Saviano, such as in the redevelopment of the sewage system and in the management of the waste collection service.

The group was also active in the drug market, supplying the local drug dealers. After months of investigations and joint activities of the Interpol , on June 3, , the Italian government finally obtained the extradition of Salvatore Vittorio from Dominican Republic to Italy.

Vittorio was considered the money launderer of the Contini clan in Santo Domingo. According to the Italian authorities, he is accused of mafia-type criminal association and money laundering.

Among the seized assets were two villas, two garages, two warehouse-depots, six commercial premises, three plots of land, a school building and a nursery.

On June 9, , a Senator of centre-right opposition Forza Italia party, Luigi Cesaro, was placed under investigation, after a police investigation that led to the arrest of 59 affiliates of Camorra clans based in the comune of Sant'Antimo , including three brothers of the politician.

The Cesaro family is a well known family in Sant'Antimo, having vast businesses especially in the field of private health and affiliated with the National Health Service.

Despite its origins, it presently has secondary ramifications in other Italian regions, like Lombardy , Piedmont , Lazio and Emilia-Romagna in connection with the centres of national economic power.

The Camorra has been present in France since the early s. The locations with the biggest presence of the organization in the country are the French Riviera , Paris and Lyon.

Their biggest objective in the country has always been to create contacts for drug trafficking but also money laundering.

Paolo Di Lauro funnelled the proceeds into real estate, buying dozens of flats in Naples, owning shops in France and the Netherlands, as well as businesses importing fur, fake fur and lingerie.

In , Antonio Lo Russo, member of the powerful Lo Russo clan and considered the new regent of the clan, and his cousin Carlo Lo Russo were arrested by agents of National Gendarmerie Section de recherches and by Carabinieri when quietly in a bar in Nice.

The clan is accused of extortion , drug trafficking and murder. According to the then Minister of the Interior of France, Bernard Cazeneuve , the arrest of Lo Russo was a hard blow for the organized crime in the country.

The La Torre clan was known to launder money in the country with the help of the former chancellor of Salerno , Cesare Salomone.

In June the operation Spaghetti Connection dismantled an international drug network involving the Camorra and the 'Ndrangheta in Abidjan and Tabou.

The police seized 1. This operation was the third of its kind in Ivory Coast in less than three years, but the largest by its magnitude.

Six Italians, one French and three Ivorians were arrested. For 20 years, West Africa has become, if not a hub, a very important rebound zone for traffickers.

This operation proves that if they thought that Ivory Coast and West Africa could be a sanctuary, they were wrong.

The drug trafficking in the country is said to contribute to the financing of the various jihadist groups in the Sahel , Africa. Giuseppe Polverino, the leader of the Polverino clan before his arrest, was considered the ' hashish king', due to his monopoly on the importation of hashish from Morocco to Italy via Spain supplying not only all the Camorra clans, but also the 'Ndrangheta , the Sicilian Mafia and the Sacra Corona Unita.

According to one of the pentitos of the clan, Domenico Verde, the hashish was cultivated in the region of Ketama , and arrived by mules in the beginning, but later was modernized and accessible on trucks and cars.

On 18 March an Italian, suspected of being one of the leaders of the Mazzarella clan , was arrested in the Ourika region, near Marrakech.

He had a pursuant to a red notice issued against him by Interpol in January On 29 May Raffaele Vallefuoco, an important member of the Polverino clan , was arrested in the Rabat region.

Vallefuoco is considered one of the biggest drug traffickers in Italy and was included on the list of the 50 most wanted fugitives.

According to Francesco Forgione , the former president of the Antimafia Commission , the Camorra is very active in gambling houses and money laundering in the Netherlands.

The Camorra also uses the country to counterfeit clothes, and the clans most involved in this illegal activity are the Licciardi clan , the Di Lauro clan and the Sarno clan.

Augusto La Torre , the former leader of the La Torre clan is suspected of having hid hundreds of millions of euros in Dutch banks, as the La Torre clan was very active in the country in the s transporting large cocaine shipments from South America to Naples via the Netherlands.

In , Raffaele Imperiale bought a coffee shop called Rockland Coffee in Amsterdam, where he sold soft drugs and was involved in large scale cocaine trafficking with the Dutch drug trader Rick van de Bunt.

Imperiale worked in Amsterdam until In , two stolen Van Gogh paintings from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in were recovered in a villa near Naples , connected to Raffaele Imperiale, accused of being one of the Camorra's prolific drug barons.

Imperiale was sentenced to 18 years in absentia for drug offenses. On 27 November , the DIA with the support of the Dutch police arrested Alfredo Marfella, a drug trafficker working for Camorra clans, in The Hague.

Marfella is believed to have played a coordinating role in the drug trade from the Netherlands to Italy. In December , the Dutch police arrested in The Hague , Dario Pasutto, a businessman suspected of smuggling thousands of kilos of cocaine and tens of thousands of kilos of hashish from the Netherlands to Italy.

According to the Dutch press, the suspect is a well-known flamboyant entrepreneur, and for many years a Camorra affiliate.

As Peru is one of the largest cocaine producers in the world, the Camorra's interest in the country is entirely related to the drug trafficking.

In the s, Umberto Ammaturo , a Camorra affiliate, established a virtual monopoly of cocaine trafficking to Italy from Peru , where he benefited from the protection and collusion of important personalities.

One of the leaders of the Mazzarella clan , Salvatore Zazo, was allegedly involved in a large scheme of international cocaine trafficking from Peru to Europe, with the intention to acquire total control of the Port of Callao ; one of his contacts was Gerald Oropeza, one of the biggest drug traffickers in Peru.

Camorra clans in Romania deal in money laundering. The Sacco-Bocchetti clan is a subgroup of the Licciardi clan and Manzo took care of the accounting of the clan, and often supervised the supply of drugs from abroad.

In , Nicola Inquieto, an Italian businessman with strong ties to Michele Zagaria one of the leaders of the powerful Casalesi clan , was arrested in Romania.

His businesses in the country are valued at several million euros. On 19 October , Vincenzo Inquieto, right-hand man of Michele Zagaria and brother of Nicola Inquieto, was arrested in the Naples International Airport after returning from Bucharest.

According to the Romanian media, since the arrest of his brother Nicola, Vincenzo lived permanently in the country, returning rarely to Italy.

And was reportedly taking charge of the vast business the Casalesi clan, particularly the Zagaria's faction, held in Romania. According to the journalist Roberto Saviano , Spain after Italy is the country most entwined with the Camorra.

It is where the Camorra clans established its massive businesses revolving around drug trafficking and money laundering in real estate.

Camorra has been in Spain since the s. The most powerful clan acting in the country is the Polverino clan due to the number of people they have installed and because of the potential of their structure.

The presence of the organization in the Costa del Sol is so strong that Camorra bosses refer to it as Costa Nostra' "Our Coast" , according to Italian journalist Roberto Saviano , a specialist on the Naples criminal underworld.

Another clan with influence in Spain is the Scissionisti di Secondigliano led by Raffaele Amato nicknamed Lo Spagnolo the Spaniard , because before creating his own clan, he controlled the drug trafficking operation from Galicia to Naples for the Di Lauro clan.

The drug trafficker Pasquale Brunese was arrested in Valencia in , after seven years hiding from the Italian police. In Spain, Brunese owned a restaurant and was living with a false name.

In February , the Spanish police arrested 14 members of the notorious Marranella clan. According to the Guardia Civil , the clan is one of the most important and violent criminal organizations dedicated to the international drug trade and is based in the Costa del Sol.

Alfredo Barasso, linked to the bloodthirsty Casalesi boss Giuseppe Setola , was arrested in Valencia and extradited to Italy. Barasso was a "bridge" between Italy and Spain, working for the Casalesi clan in the drugs management in the Barcelona area.

After his decision to become a pentito, and afraid of retaliation by the Camorra, Barasso would be willing to return to Spain, where he has wife and children, and pay his penalty there, as provided by the bilateral agreements between the two countries.

According to a documentary of the Spanish television, Barcelona is the nerve center of the organization outside Italy, exposing the endless business of the Camorra in Catalonia , from the massive drug trafficking to the laundering of huge amounts of money in restaurants, clubs and hotels of the region.

The documentary also features an interview with Maurizio Prestieri, former member of the Di Lauro clan arrested in Marbella in and now pentito, who said that Spain is the favorite place for the camorristi.

Also in , relatives of top members belonging to the Polverino clan claim three million euros to the Spanish State of compensation after their relatives were acquitted by the National Court of the crime of money laundering for which they were arrested in and tried in Among the assets seized were six yachts, two Ferrari Testarossa , one Lamborghini , one Harley-Davidson , bank accounts and real estate.

The plaintiffs are all relatives of the late Giuseppe Felaco, who was allegedly an important member of the Polverino clan based in the Canary Islands , they assure that this Spanish police operation against their family has been a great economic damage, apart from a moral damage.

On 20 November , the Italian police with the cooperation of the Spanish police, arrested two members of the Polverino clan , who belonged to a major transnational organizational structure, created by the Polverinos, based in Valencia and Naples, that between and imported hashish from Morocco via Spain to arrive in the Campania region.

The Camorra has had a presence in Switzerland for more than 50 years, undertaking money laundering but also arms trafficking and drug trafficking.

The Casalesi clan is present throughout the country, and according to the investigations into the clan, it has numerous Swiss bank accounts.

In , Ciro Mazzarella , the late boss of the Mazzarella clan , decided to move to Switzerland, after losing a war between Camorra clans in Naples.

From his logistics base in Lugano , he created an enviable economic empire with cigarette smuggling that arrived from Montenegro.

According to reports about the Camorra, the United Kingdom is an area of interest to launder money, using finance companies and business activities.

The Casalesi clan , through an entrepreneur and alleged financial intermediary, had invested 12 million euros using various companies based in Great Britain.

Antonio Righi, called "Tonino il biondo", was considered by the investigators as a money laudererer on behalf of the Contini and Mazzarella clans in London.

Among the British companies that figured in his scheme, was one registered at a luxurious terraced house not far from Oxford Street in London's West End.

The trial built against Righi clearly showed that he understood exactly how modern global finance works. The Italian police confiscated million euros belonging to Righi.

Prior to shooting him, however, Ciro sacrifices himself in his place by admitting to murdering his sister, stating his desire to avoid another war, and wishing to re-join his family in heaven.

Enzo then forces Gennaro to kill Ciro. The show's first season premiered on Sky Atlantic and Sky Cinema 1 in Italy on 6 May Season 2 aired on May 10, , season 3 on November 17, , and season 4 on March 29, The upcoming fifth season is set to be released on After the success on television, the series also had a limited theatrical release by The Space Movies and Universal Pictures.

The first season was screened on Italian theaters from September 22, , with three episodes per evening minutes for four consecutive Mondays. The show's success has spawned its release to international markets, being sold in countries worldwide.

The series was also released on Netflix in some countries including in the US, Australia and New Zealand and on SBS on Demand in Australia from October 16, All the episodes and the movie are also set to be released on HBO Max in the US; [17] season 3 will be available on January 21, Gomorrah is one of Sky's most-watched cable shows, and has gained critical acclaim for its characterization, pacing, atmosphere, acting, directing, and writing.

The website's critics consensus reads: " Gomorrah brings a refreshing twist to a familiar story, with its realistic, unglamorous and often riveting portrayal of a Neapolitan crime organization".

Ben Travers of IndieWire called it the "darker, grown-up version of The Sopranos " and stated, "Despite its familiar construction, Gomorrah is significantly more frightening than others in its genre because of the history behind it.

However, the show has received criticism from several Italian politicians. Naples mayor Luigi de Magistris claimed that bouts of violent crimes skyrocket in the city whenever an episode of the series is aired.

A spin-off film titled The Immortal L'immortale was released in theaters on December 5, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Italian crime drama television series.

Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano. Marco D'Amore Salvatore Esposito Fortunato Cerlino Maria Pia Calzone Marco Palvetti Fabio De Caro Cristina Donadio Cristiana Dell'Anna Gianfranco Gallo Ivana Lotito Arturo Muselli Andrea Di Maria Carlo Caracciolo Loris De Luna Gianni Parisi Luciano Giugliano.

Roberto Saviano Paolo Carnera. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. DID YOU KNOW? Crazy Credits.

Alternate Versions. Rate This. TV-MA 55min Crime , Drama , Thriller TV Series —. Episode Guide. Ciro disregards tradition in his attempt to become the next boss of his crime syndicate.

The internal power struggle puts him and his entire family's life at risk. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S4.

Error: please try again. Jude Law mischt als amerikanischer Papst den Vatikan auf: hintergründige Dramaserie von Paolo Sorrentino.

Schockierend realistischer Einblick in den Alltag der Mafia nach dem Bestseller von Roberto Saviano.

Starbesetzte Endzeit-Serie: Ein Asteroid rast auf Deutschland zu — es bleiben acht Tage um sich zu retten. Ungezähmt und unbesiegbar: die dramatische Historienserie über den Kampf der Kelten gegen die Römer.

Benedict Cumberbatch brilliert als aristokratischer Playboy mit Drogenproblem. Cop im Gewissenskonflikt: Ein Polizist muss einen Mord aufklären - für den sein Bruder als Verdächtiger gilt.

Alle drei Staffeln: Eine schreckliche Mordserie erschüttert die Bewohner eines kleinen Ortes in der Arktis. Der finale Fall führt das englisch-französische Ermittlerduo erneut an seine Grenzen.

Ein ungleiches Cop-Duo auf Mörderjagd: Thrillerserie mit Dominic Monaghan und Michael Nyqvist. Verrückte Fantasy-Comedy: Hausfrau Debbie ist auserwählt, das magische Yonderland zu befreien.

Du befindest Dich auf der Webseite von Sky Deutschland. Die hier gezeigten Angebote sind nur mit Wohnsitz in Deutschland verfügbar und bestellbar.

Bitte logge Dich ein. Bitte logge dich hier ein. Alles zu Serien. Alles zu Serien Gomorrha - Die Serie.

Termine Hintergründe zur Serie Sendetermine. Gomorrha - Die Serie. Alle Staffeln Staffel 1 Staffel 2 Staffel 3 Staffel 4 Bitte wählen.

Termine Staffel 1 bis 4 der Serie "Gomorrha" auf Sky Box Sets zum Abruf über Sky Go , On Demand und Sky Ticket bzw. Über die Serie Ungeschönte Realität in "Gomorrha - Die Serie" Mit der Sky Original Production "Gomorrha" schuf Sky Italia die bisher international erfolgreichste TV-Produktion aus Italien.

Staffel 4 der Serie "Gomorrha" Die vierte Staffel der schonungslos-brutalen Mafiaserie führt nach England und ruft neue Familien auf den Plan: Genny Salvatore Esposito tritt in London als Geschäftsmann auf.

Welches Sky ist deins? Sky Q verbindet Fernsehen, Streaming und Apps. Sky Ticket. Sofort und flexibel streamen.

Das Programm von Sky Free TV-Sender Apps wie Netflix und DAZN. Genre : Crime, Drama Air Date : Unknown Network : Sky Italia Casts : Fortunato Cerlino, Marco D'Amore, Maria Pia Calzone, Marco Palvetti, Salvatore Esposito, Fabio De Caro.

Playing next Gomorra - La serie S03E01 "Season 3 Episode 1" nuova stagione Serie completa Sky Atlantic HD. GOMORRO - LA SERIE Season 3 Episode 1.

English Subtitle "Tin Star" Season 1 Episode 2 [[Sky Atlantic]]. Ella D.

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